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Exploring Mexican coffee

The love for coffee has deeply rooted itself in our society, from the traditional American coffee our parents used to enjoy to the sophisticated specialty coffees that are now available throughout the country. This passion has driven the need for a wide range of options, spanning from the selection of beans and their roasting process to the variety of preparation methods, all aimed at enhancing the coffee experience and perception.

Recently, we conducted a study based on an extensive database from the Coffee Quality Institute. The objective was to investigate the most effective combination to achieve the best synergy between the processing method and bean variety. This was done with the aim of determining which combination yielded a more prominent flavor, aroma, and acidity profile, as assessed by a group of experts in the field.

The results of this analysis revealed that, despite expectations that states such as Veracruz or Chiapas would achieve notably high scores, other states such as the State of Mexico and Hidalgo also received outstanding ratings in terms of coffee quality. However, it is essential to highlight that no significant differences were found among the results obtained from different regions. In other words, the perception of coffee taste, aroma, and acidity showed no significant variations based on the geographical origin of the beans. Although a weighted overall rating like "Total Cup Points" is insufficient to represent all the nuances of coffee, having a starting point is crucial for making objective comparisons and seeking recommendations from our trusted baristas, grounded in concrete data, to enhance our coffee experience.

Ultimately, coffee has evolved far beyond being a mere beverage with unique flavors and tastes. It now involves essential considerations that enrich the overall experience. Having analytical tools is fundamental for making informed decisions about coffee, avoiding being solely influenced by perceptions that, at times, lack solid backing regarding the geographical region of bean origins.

In summary, coffee is more than just a beverage; it is a complex experience that transcends taste and aroma. The diversity of options in terms of beans, processing methods, and regions of origin provides us with the opportunity to explore and savor an endless variety of flavors. Research and analysis are essential tools to make the most of this exciting coffee journey.

Emilano Teran


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