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Bacubirito, the monster meteorite

The Bacubirito meteorite is an impressive celestial piece. It has a significant characteristic that distinguishes it from other meteorites: its length of 4.1 meters (13.1ft). The grandeur of its size, colossal in comparison to the meteorites that abound, is only surpassed by the rarity of its complete form - a precious gem in the eyes of scientists who seek to study its composition and obtain information about the cosmos.

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to carry out a rigorous study to estimate its dimensions using a precise and novel method (see below). Now, with great confidence, we can state its dimensions with a precision of millimeters.

The length of the Bacubirito meteorite is a fascinating and curious feature. Typically tiny and fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, most meteorites are nothing more than mere fragments of what may once have been a much larger object, disintegrated by the violent impact of its fall into the earth. The Bacubirito meteorite is a rare and anomalous specimen, with a length exceeding a staggering 4 meters in its intact form, a true feat that continues to inspire awe in researchers and those who study it. It should be noted that theoretically it is not possible for a meteorite longer than Bacubirito to be found.

Discovered in a remote town in Sinaloa, Mexico, known as Camichin, some 160 years ago, the Bacubirito meteorite has captivated the minds of scientists ever since. Although it may seem like a relic of ancient history, its estimated age of approximately 6.6 million years is nothing more than a mere blip in the grand scheme of the universe. However, the Bacubirito meteorite and other important Mexican meteorites such as the Allende meteorite will continue to provide valuable information about the early history of the solar system, serving as a portal to the distant past and a time capsule of information that scholars can unravel and analyze.

As the fifth largest meteorite in the world, the Bacubirito meteorite is an astronomical and geological wonder of prodigious proportions. Its size and structure are a testament to the relentless power of the cosmos, and its flawless condition is a tribute to the serendipity and chance that brought it to Earth. It continues to be a beacon of knowledge and curiosity for scholars and enthusiasts alike, illuminating the riddles of the universe and inspiring us to search for the answers that lie beyond our reach.

In conclusion, the Bacubirito meteorite is a fascinating object that stands out for its length of 4.1 meters. This feature, along with its intact shape, has made it a valuable resource for scientists who want to study the composition and history of the solar system. As the fifth largest meteorite in the world, the Bacubirito meteorite continues to capture the attention and imagination of people around the world, even 160 years after its discovery.

Emiliano Teran

Terán-Bobadilla, E., Abundis-Patiño, J. H., Añorve, C., Moraila, C. R., Ortega-Gutiérrez, F., & Aragón-Calvo, M. A. (2017). On a novel geometric analysis of the Bacubirito meteorite. Earth, Moon, and Planets, 120, 101-111.

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